Subscription Greeting Cards Series

Imagine starting each new season with your spirits lifted by nature¹s supreme beauty as five glorious and original photographic cards arrive by mail. Lovingly hand-crafted and individually signed by New Hampshire portrait and nature photographer, Elsa Voelcker, each card, suitable for framing, will bring beauty into the lives of all who experience them.

Images are approximately 3.5" x 5" on 4" x 6" Mohawk Artemis card stock.
Envelopes are included. Five cards will be shipped in December, March, June, and September
for a total of twenty cards a year.

To order, send a check for $60 (shipping included) to:
Elsa Voelcker, 97 Old Pound Road, Antrim, New Hampshire 03440

Please provide the name and address of each person receiving a set of cards. A note
of acknowledgment for gifts will be included in the first shipment of five cards.

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